The Wordsmith With a Beautiful Soul Writes Once More

Seeing the Extraordinary in the Ordinary…

Oh, you may think I’ve given up my writing, as it seems all I can do here lately is share the posts — the wonderful, eloquent, beautiful, inspiring, soothing, soul-touching posts — of Charlesy Jane, of My Whispers In the Wind

My days have been full of to do lists, my attempts at sleep full of more to do lists swirling in my mind, and those are leaving me so little time for writing.  But an appreciation for nature, a love for autumn, and even deeper, a love for fine writing that touches my heart,  those I still have time for.

Never have I read anyone’s words anywhere (apologies to Emerson and Thoreau and my favorite novelist, Rosamunde Pilcher) that reach out to me, say “oh, this is how I feel!  what I thought but couldn’t say this well!” as the words of My Whispers In the Wind.  This one, written about  a stunningly beautiful autumn day we had here yesterday — but which I appreciated from inside the house only, as I went about my “to do” lists — Oh!  This one, I promise you, if you appreciate nature, if you appreciate autumn, if you appreciate fine writing…   Oh, this one is simply perfect.

A Fine Fall Day.

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Sharing, again… Imperfection

Wine Before Five – Ignore the silly rules… See the Extraordinary in the Ordinary…

I have several blogs I truly love, and must say with all respect to ones I’ve noted before, that My Whispers in the Wind by Charlesy Jane is my very favorite, especially for quiet morning musings.

Check out her photo choice on today’s blog;  to me, one of the ultimate lovely things in the world.  Give me the sight of a log cabin where I can dream of those who built it with their own hands, bit by bit, and lived there, creating – literally – their own daily life, living, sustenance.

Appreciation for all — not just the “beautiful,” or “perfect,” – is so key… so essential for me.  Well, in fact, to me, “beautiful and perfect” would be the sight of that cabin, a hand tool with its worn handle from many hours of use, a potato masher with worn paint from a hard-working woman’s daily use… Those little dents on the rocker’s base made by our first puppy’s teething — Oh, sure, I paint over those, but will never, ever sand them out, for they are full of happy memories of an adorable little Springer Spaniel mix who gave us fourteen years of his life, guarding us, our home, our children, loving us, making us laugh…

“Imperfection” — signs of a life well lived, don’t you think?  Even nature gives us beauty in imperfection.  The view from my window this morning shows sunlight peeking over the roof of this old farmhouse to shine golden on the green-turning-yellow leaves of the old oak tree.  But there, just off to the right, is one thin branch, nearly bare, just a few leaves clinging – but its bare stick-like appearance makes one more interesting element in the view.  Or perhaps it is actually The most interesting part of the view, and the sunlit leaves are merely the background.

Imperfection.  I love it.  But please, go read Charlesy Jane’s post this morning, for she says it so perfectly…

Perfectly Ok.

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Charlesy Jane writes of Autumn

If you love autumn as I do, you will enjoy this post from My Whispers in the Wind.  If you love eloquent writing, you will love this post.  I have shared most of the writings of Charlesy Jane, her blog just begun weeks ago.  Each post becomes more inspiring than the last.  Beautiful words here for a rainy and cool Saturday September morning, and autumn begins its first visits to eastern Ohio…


Autumn…My Favorite Season.

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Oh, Charlesy Jane’s wisdom…

Oh, this woman can express her thoughts and feelings, and through her empathy our own, so very well.  I wake each morning now, looking forward to a post from My Whispers In The Wind, and I am each day more impressed with the post, always more touching, poignant, eloquent, thought-provoking and inspirational than the last.

I hope you will all go visit

Here are the words of Charlesy Jane I’ve just read on this lovely and sunny late summer morning:

The Journey of Life.

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More Wonderful Words from My Whispers in the Wind…

Last night, unknown to me until the early and still-dark hours of today, Charlesy Jane wrote of “Yesterday.”  The word, to me, about one decade older than Charlesy Jane, immediately brings the music of the Beatles to mind.

Yet, there is karma.  Making my way down the dark staircase this morning to let the dogs out, I was thinking – probably for at least the 500th time – of a post that is still here inside me, likely to be titled “I Was One of the Lucky Ones.”  Full of thoughts of young motherhood when I was a stay-at-home mom to two, so often I read the words, both in blogs and in Facebook posts, of the young working mothers who are weary from lack of sleep, dealing with the mixed feelings of leaving their little ones in daycare as they are off to their careers, and I have such empathy for them.

I am still very much a “stay at home mom,” although my children are now twenty-somethings and nearer to thirty than twenty.  But I shall leave my ramblings for that post about my luck during those days when they were still here with me, and simply share with you last night’s words from Charlesy Jane:


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More beautiful words from My Whispers In the Wind…

I Cannot Stop Sharing the Words of Charlesy Jane…

Gratitude.  I feel such gratitude for this blogger’s eloquence, her wisdom, insight, and that she’s chosen to share her whispers with the world.  Oh, please go visit, & follow Charlesy Jane on her journey to share her world with us.

And please, do not miss this beautiful story of her two friends.  I was lucky to have met them both.  She tells the story of who they were to her…  and her words speak to all of us who have ever known the love and loyalty of an animal.


Ike and Leo.

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Sharing “My Whispers In The Wind”

The previous five posts put up today here on Wine Before Five are from author Charlesy Jane, new and eloquent blogger at Oh, my goodness! How you’re going to love her writing! Go visit. Check her site often. Sign up to follow her so you’ll get an email notice of her new posts!

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