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Just Walking Each Other Home

Life is Good, and Sweet and Short. Remember the Good Times. Not too long ago, I read what life is all about is that we’re all just here to walk each other home. A person could become very philosophical about … Continue reading

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Just Seven Things I Want to Say Today

Life is Good, and Sweet, and Short. It’s okay to break some of the rules, some of the time.  Like a glass of wine before five;  that’s okay.  The nuns taught me I’d burn in hell for breaking rules, so … Continue reading

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Dogs in Small Towns

Wine Before Five Because Life is Good.  And Sweet.  And Short.  On January 2, 2012,  THEMNFARMWOMAN posted Mistaken Identity. Her share reminded me of the story of our dear, sweet, cranky old Springer Spaniel, Kassie. About fifteen minutes after letting … Continue reading

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Small Towns: Keeping In Touch

Wine Before Five Make The Ordinary Be Extraordinary. Country singers write about tractor parades, county fairs and the old fishing hole, homecoming queens and pickup trucks, and the special things about small towns. But there’s so much more to living … Continue reading

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